Does your liferaft need recertification?

A typical inspection procedure includes the following:

  1. The valise, canister or hard pack is visually inspected for damage.
  2. The package is opened and the liferaft is removed for inspection.
  3. The inflation cylinder is removed for inspection and weighing.
  4. A detailed inspection is performed while unfolding the liferaft to identify any damage or deterioration of the fabric.
  5. The liferaft is filled with dry compressed air to its proper inflation pressure.
  6. The pressure relief valves are tested to confirm proper operation.
  7. The liferaft is further inflated to stretch the fabric prior to commencing the specified leak test on each tube. During the pre-stretch, the fabric and seams are inspected.
  8. The air chambers are then pressure tested for a specified time.
  9. The pressure is recorded at the beginning of the test and checked again at the end of the specified time. The end pressure is adjusted for temperature change. The end pressure is recorded and checked for loss.
  10. The survival equipment packs are checked during the pressure test period. Dated items are replaced if they have reached their stamped expiration dates.
  11. The inflation cylinder is inspected at this time for damage, hydrostatic test date and is then weighed.
  12. The liferaft is then reassembled and repacked according to specifications.
  13. The firing cable for the inflation system is attached to the painter line, making the liferaft fully operational.
  14. All test results, repairs and renewals are recorded on the service inspection report. All service documentation is kept on file at Winslow LifeRaft Company.
  15. A service validation certificate is issued and the liferaft is ready to be placed back in service. Please reach out to Winslow LifeRaft via telephone at 941-613-6666 to receive a form to return your liferaft.

When we receive your Winslow liferaft, we will open it, inspect it and contact you to discuss all service needs prior to recertification.

After servicing is complete, your liferaft will be returned to you via FedEx or UPS.

For any additional questions, please call the service department at 941-613-6666 or email us at [email protected]

Winslow authorized service stations

Only Winslow authorized service stations have the latest technical data, original parts, approved packing fixtures and factory trained technicians to properly service, repair and repack your Winslow liferaft. If you choose to send your liferaft to a service center, visit one of the following pages to find the authorized service station nearest you.