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Winslow has a tradition of excellence for over eighty years.

Winslow LifeRaft Company manufactures the finest marine and aviation liferafts. We combine superior quality and a wide array of standard features with unmatched performance.

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The quality for which Winslow has become famous is built into each emergency inflatable life raft.

Each liferaft is built by employees who take pride in their work

In addition to Winslow's investment in high tech computer controlled cutting machines, life raft assembly is still performed by skilled employees. For some things there is simply no substitute for a skilled pair of hands. Our highly trained workers fabricate the cut components into the rings and arches, and pressure test before assembly.

Winslow builds the best marine and aviation liferafts

Winslow Marine and Aviation Super-Light and Ultra-Light liferafts have been rated number one in every independent liferaft evaluation in which they have been included. At Winslow, we know you depend on us for your safety in an emergency. Winslow marine and aviation liferafts are built with only one thing in mind and that is to save lives!

Winslow has been a leading inflatable manufacturer since 1941

After entering the aviation market in 1994 we rapidly became the OEM supplier of choice for every major business jet manufacturer. In addition to servicing the large and ever increasing installed base of Winslow liferafts, we expanded our service to include aircraft escape slides in 2003 and now service the slides used by many top airlines.

Winslow emergency inflatable marine liferafts

Dedication to our tradition of excellence

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Winslow LifeRaft Company is the world’s leader for marine liferafts for the recreational boater and sailboat racer, built with only one thing in mind and that is to save your life. Each liferaft is meticulously handcrafted. Learn more

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