WINSLOW™ LifeRaft Company Virtual Service Tour
Welcome to WINSLOW's Virtual Service Tour. Scroll down this page and see how we perform a typical factory service on your WINSLOW™ life raft. We'd like to encourage you to be present at the factory (or when done at an authorized WINSLOW™ service station) to see your life raft serviced. It is an excellent opportunity to become more familiars with your WINSLOW™ life raft, an advantage if you ever have to use it. Please contact us to make an appointment. If you cannot be present, upon request we will video tape the critical service operations (VHS NTSC format only).
WINSLOW's advanced engineering is where quality is designed in.  Upon arrival at WINSLOW™, we log in your life raft and then transfer it to the Service Department. There a Service Work Order is opened and we record incoming critical data such as the serial number, weight, dimensions and any special customer requests. The life raft's service file is checked for any pertinent historical data we may have on file.
Your experienced WINSLOW™ Service Technician carefully examines the condition of the life raft, noting any damage or wear on the valise or canister, or and any external indication of abuse, deterioration or prior unauthorized servicing. The life raft is then removed from the valise or cannister and carefully unfolded. We do not normally deploy the life raft as that can be detrimental to the life raft and generally results in a higher service charge. Upon full explanation and acceptance by the customer of the possible consequences we will allow the customer to do so.   WINSLOW's  new factory
Computer controlled cutting machines ensure precise fit and higest quality  The inflation system is detached from the life raft so that it can be inspected, and if necessary, serviced. After checking for any visual signs of deterioration, a WINSLOW™ Service Technician weighs the cylinder. Mandatory service is required of both overweight and underweight cylinders outside allowable limits. In addition, cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every five years by Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. If the cylinder is past due for a hydro test, or if it is due before its next service date, then it must be tested.
If inspection of the inflation system components uncovers any concerns, the entire inflation system is rebuilt. If the Firing Head and Cylinder Head are over their five year service life span, or will be prior to the next service due date, then they must be rebuilt. No matter the reason, if inflation system components need to be replaced or rebuilt, then the cylinder must be re-charged. WINSLOW's lightweight aluminum cylinders are charged primarily with Carbon Dioxide. A small amount of Nitrogen is added for better performance in extreme cold conditions.   Skilled application of adhesive ensures the strongest rafts
Sewing loops requires more skill than you'd think.  Meanwhile, your WINSLOW™ life raft is inflated to normal operating pressure using specially filtered compressed air. A careful visual inspection is made of the entire life raft, including the canopy, fittings and lines. Grasp lines, boarding ladders, sea anchor line and similar devices attached to the life raft are tested for security. Placards are inspected to make sure they are all still easily readable. The Survival Equipment Pack is detached and set aside for further inspection. Life raft survival equipment such the raft knife and bailer are checked and the manual inflation pump is inspected and function tested.
Unless it is a special rush service, your raft will be left inflated for 24 hours to check for any leakage. If it is a rush service, an accelerated over-pressure retention test is conducted. Pressure relief valves are tested to ensure they open and close at the correct pressure. If there is a canopy, the arch tube transfer valve is tested for proper operation. Water activated canopy and interior lights are tested. If a water activated battery shows signs of deterioration or swelling, it is replaced. If a survival strobe light is fitted, it is tested and the battery replaced if it will expire prior to the next service.   There's no substitute for skilled assembly by motivated workers.
Laying down on the job is just part of the job at WINSLOW®.  The Survival Equipment Pack is opened up and the contents laid out and compared with what is supposed to be there. If there has been an unauthorized servicing of the life raft, this is where we often find discrepancies. Every item is inspected for condition and function. All items with limited functional life such as food, water, batteries, pyrotechnics and first aid supplies are checked for expiration dates and replaced if necessary. Pyrotechnics (flares) are inspected carefully for leakage and that they have not been crushed or damaged. Flashlights and any other electrically operated devices are function tested.
If your life raft is outfitted with a PUR "Survivor 06" Manual Reverse Osmosis Desalinator (watermaker), the unit is inspected and treated with biocide. WINSLOW™ is the largest authorized PUR Service Center in the world and utilizes a WINSLOW™ designed Automatic Watermaker Test Unit to ensure the 06 is properly tested and treated. After inspection, repair if necessary, and treatment the unit is re-certified.   If it was easy, anyone could do it.
final assembly and packing life raft  Only WINSLOW™ requires use of Magnesium Silicate desiccant in packing its life rafts. It is spread liberally over all the life raft's surfaces before final packing. Far superior to a chalk or talc, and much more expensive, this is a true desiccant designed to absorb moisture to protect the integrity of your life raft. This is the sort of attention to detail that help makes WINSLOW™ the world's best life raft.
Your survival equipment is carefully packed into the Survival Equipment Pack(s). Any customer supplied survival equipment or supplies you may have sent for inclusion are added at this point. After a final inspection the life raft is evacuated with a powerful vacuum and then carefully folded according to the engineering plans for that life raft.   WINSLOW® designed compaction units compress the life raft to take up minimum space.
final assembly and packing life raft  After initial packing, WINSLOW™ designed compaction units are used to compress the life raft so as to take up minimum space. Once compaction is completed and the final packing inspected, your life raft is ready to go. Each and every one of us at WINSLOW™ take great pride in the life rafts we build and the same pride is evident in the life raft servicing we provide. We know you are trusting us with your life. We build and service every WINSLOW™ life raft with only one thing in save your life.
We hope you have enjoyed WINSLOW's virtual service tour. Please contact us to make a service appointment if you'd like to have your life raft serviced at the factory that built it. For more information on factory service, please check our Factory Service page.

Our Life Raft Service Checklist details all the steps, step-by-step, that are completed during the servicing of a WINSLOW™ life raft. This is the entire process a life raft undergoes during normal servicing from the moment the life raft is received at the service facility until it is returned to you.

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